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Connecting your Mac to your stereo is a great way to improve sound quality tenfold. Luckily, most Macs save a few PowerBook Duos have a headphone jack. You can use this port to connect your Mac not only headphones, but to a stereo system as well. It looks like a headphone connection that converts to the connection for audio ports that most receivers have RCA connectors are usually red and white or black and white. Turn off your computer and plug in the connection that looks like a headphone connector. On the back of your receiver or stereo you should see two RCA connections that match the end of your cable. There should be a connection labeled AUX — you can use this. Make sure you do not connect the cable from your Mac into any yellow RCA looking jacks. These are called composite jacks and are used for video only.

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How do you connect the black Apple TV models to a television? None support component video or audio. Apple explains how to connect the black Apple TV models to a television in the applicable User’s Guide , specifically from pages You also will need to have an For the benefit of those who have asked, Apple’s official instructions additionally are provided below:

If you set up a network, you’ll only need one printer in the house instead one for each computer. Once you’ve set up your home network with a Mac and a PC, you’ll want to share the printer so both computers can access it. In Mac OSX onward the printer setup enables you to share a printer with a Microsoft PC [source: Apple].

That all changed this past week, with a quad-core refresh across the board and a new set of AMD Radeon graphics chips to match. Still, no aesthetic change — bar the addition of a Thunderbolt port on the back — and no Blu-ray or touchscreen. Has the iMac kept pace with the rest of the market? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut. Hardware The basic premise is the same: Ports are neatly lined on the lower left hand corner of the rear panel, with only a slot-loading 8x SuperDrive dual-layer DVD burner spoiling the sides.

The whole thing is lifted by a neat stand — complete with a cable-guide hole — with 17W speakers along the bottom edge and an integrated microphone. New to this generation is the FaceTime HD camera, more on which in a moment. Using the same connector as Mini DisplayPort — meaning you can plug in either a Thunderbolt peripheral or an external display — it supports daisy-chaining of up to six devices per port, with enough bandwidth for simultaneous display of six uncompressed HD videos.

Quad-core Intel Core i5 processors are now standard across the range, with the entry-level On the iMac it gets a shot of p HD, shooting and recording video at x Using the preloaded FaceTime app — and a free Apple account — you can make and receive video calls between each of the devices. While the FaceTime HD webcam on the MacBook Pro is suited to a single user, Apple has used a wider-angle lens on the iMac and so more people can be seen at the same time.

Needless to say, everyday performance is complaint-free.

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Generally there are only two such suitable inputs: A line-in computer input blue that is separate from the computer’s microphone input usually pink Failing that, a line-in input on a USB or Firewire interface. Connecting to line-in of the computer In general, you need to run an appropriate cable from an output on the external device for example a tape deck, or a phono amplifier or receiver connected to a turntable to the line-in port of the computer.

Do not connect to the mic-in port of the computer.

Stereo-link has released a new product allowing users to use their Mac’s USB ports to hook the stereo to the computer. The USB Digital to Analog converter allows users to use their computer’s USB.

How do I connect my laptop to a projector? This cable should have been included with your laptop. Simply connect one end of the VGA adapter to the output port on your laptop this port is next to the headphone connector on the iBooks , then connect the other end to the appropriate connector on the projector or external display. Sometimes you may have to tell your computer to detect the new projector. You can do this by going into the Apple menu, selecting System Preferences, then Displays.

Under Display, click on the Detect Displays button. If you have an iBook laptop, you can only mirror your display. If you have a PowerBook, you have the option of showing a different display on the projector and on your laptop.

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AirParrot allows you to wirelessly beam your screen or media files to a variety of media receivers. Easily share your screen, videos, audio, presentations and so much more. Available for Use AirParrot with multiple receivers. AirParrot is designed to send content to a number of media receivers, even simultaneously.

MIDI Connection | How to Connect a MIDI Keyboard to a Computer. This is just a quick guide if you simply want to hook up your keyboard to start using MIDI software. I have got all leads in correctly but cannot seem to get any joy in setting sound up on my pc. I am using a midi to usb connection, it automatically installed drivers and.

Share Save Sure there’s that new gadget that’s supposed to debut any second–what is it again? Something like that–but why fork out three hundred clams[1] when you could attach your Mac Mini directly to your TV and watch your iVideos without any further fuss or muss? Full connectivity, full compatibility–Xvid, DivX, whatever format pleases your fancy. Here’s a quick how-to. Here’s what you need on-hand: Nearly any vintage will doya an Intel Mac mini with a remote is your best bet!

My mini has a DVI video out port.

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How to Join a Mac to a Windows Domain – select the contributor at the end of the page – Test your skills. You come into work one day and your boss calls you into his office and says he got a new laptop. You arrive at his office door and realize your boss bought a Mac. He wants to be able to access all the company files stored on your Windows domain from his new Mac. Or maybe the scenario is a bit different. Your company decides to create a new department for graphical design and marketing and all the designers use Macs.

Many people want to know how to connect and play Xbox One on a Mac. This means that you need to get a Xbox One controller on Mac to work before any of this can happen. Getting a Xbox One controller on Mac to work is a simple process that you can do on your own if you have all the right equipment.

Click the AirPlay icon to select which devices you want to receive the signal. This connection could be wireless, using WiFi or Bluetooth , or wired, using Ethernet. Though connecting with Bluetooth isn’t the same as being on your home computer network, AirPlay detects Bluetooth devices automatically and lets you manage them alongside your other network-accessible AirPlay options.

For WiFi networks there are two ways you can set up your AirPlay network connections: You can use an Apple AirPort Express, a small portable wireless router designed to interconnect all your Apple devices whether or not you have an Internet connection. AirPort needs no additional equipment or setup in order to use AirPlay, and you can connect a stereo directly to the AirPort to use as either the source or receiver for an AirPlay audio stream.

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The iMac is thinner and more powerful than ever , and Windows machines finally have touchscreens that appeal to an average user. Now that Windows 8 is on the market , all-in-one computers aren’t just a way to save space: Are any of these new Windows 8 touchscreen all-on-ones any good, though? We decided to find out by trying them for ourselves.

Can I use this cable to hook up a Time Capsule to my iMac? I have a new iMac with a 2 Tb internal drive. I wish to now buy a Time Capsule, would this be a good way of connection to give me faster bandwidth on my iMac?

In this tutorial we will show you how to connect your Galaxy S6 to the computer. If you want to control and connect your phone via WiFi to your PC, check our tutorial on this page. Samsung has released a new version of their flagship a few weeks ago. The device comes with really powerful hardware and a fast processor. As with its predecessor the device is a equipped with a good screen with bright and brilliant colors. As always, there are frequently asked questions about specific topics.

A frequently asked question is how you can connect your Smartphone with the PC. If necessary, before the driver must be installed.

How to transfer data from PC / Laptop to iMac / MacBook Pro Or Vice Versa