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This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. July Early examples of the articulated bus appeared in Europe in the s.

Welcome to Canada West RV & Truck Centre

This bran new custom build has all the upgrades, with a fantastic open floor Non-repayable down payment grants available. Great one of a kind built on location this property would make a fantastic first home with so many stunning features! This property is located within walking distance to the schools and downtown. If you are looking for a simple property that

Engineered for all-day comfort, instant responsiveness and non-stop action. Step on the Ultrex foot pedal and feel what power steering does to a trolling motor.

Former finance minister Kevin Doherty resigned his seat in early March , the last month of the fiscal year. His transition allowance is expected to be on the books for the current fiscal year, which began April 1. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, which has long opposed the practice of compensating outgoing politicians , believes the transition allowance should be cut in half immediately, then eliminated entirely at some point in the future. It is worth noting that some MLAs choose public service over a hefty paycheque in the private sector, but the job insecurity that comes with politics is a choice and most people do not have access to similar severance packages, said CTF spokesman Todd MacKay.

Docherty did not respond to an interview request. Different jurisdictions take different approaches to compensating MLAs who leave their seats. Alberta scrapped its transition allowance in but made it retroactive , while British Columbia offers a transition allowance only to MLAs who complete their terms of office. Those who resign or leave midterm are not eligible.

Saskatoon couple forced to move out after pet raccoon discovered

Famous for being the home of the Masters Golf Tournament, Augusta, Georgia, serves both golf and outdoor enthusiasts. The Augusta Cabela’s boasts a 42, sq. Core-Flex floor plan to accommodate our friends down south. Designed to change with every season, the Augusta Cabela’s features seasonal product assortments, an indoor archery test area, an archery tech room, exciting wildlife displays and experienced Outfitters ready to help you get the most out of your outdoor adventures.

Dec 26,  · If the receiver has hook-ups for 2 sets of speakers, it ain’t gonna hurt it if you hook up 2 pairs as intended. With 2 different brands of speakers it may give you a little different sound coming through each pair.

Astrophoto and Sketching Contest The categories are listed below: Moon, planets, and comets Deep Sky Sketching For each of the categories above, a First Prize plaque and a Second Prize certificate will be awarded. Two special prizes will also be awarded: Awarded to an entry from someone who has not won before at any star party. People’s Choice Award The rules of the contest are as follows: A maximum of 2 photos can be entered per person, and a maximum of 2 sketches per person.

Images may be in printed or in electronic format. All entries must be identified with labels provided. Photos do not have to be taken at SSSP nor not within the same calendar year. Winning photos or sketches from previous SSSP’s can not be entered again. Entries cannot have won anywhere else, but could have been entered elsewhere as a non-winning entry.

Sketches must be field sketches either completed at the eyepiece or started at the eyepiece and finished later based on observing notes. All sketches must be hand-drawn.

Varcoe: NDP’s ‘Enron clause’ lawsuit ends with a whimper, but more trouble awaits

I have always been interested in painting and sculpture, and in particular the work of Garbo, Duchamp, Kandinsky, and Kemeny. I am intrigued with the exploration of ideas, creativity, and uses of colour, texture, and materials, and the very act of making shapes and forms. My current ceramic work is inspired by my childhood memories of industrial architecture, power, movement and colour.

These memories have then been refined to now ones of decay, demolition, and neglect, but with still a hint of optimism. Married and in England, I changed from earthenware to stoneware.

Boats for sale! Find a local canoe, kayak, motorboat, seadoo, or other watercraft in Saskatoon on Kijiji, Canada’s #1 Local Classifieds.

Patricia Munroe, manager of the Saskatoon HomeSense store has shared with us some of the great community minded support that her and her team chose to participate in this past holiday season to make a difference for others in their city. Have a great Monday everyone!! May bring only Peace, Love, and Happiness to you and your family! One of my assistant managers, April, and her sister Carla, collected donations of new and gently used gift items, and set up a Christmas store in one of the classrooms at the school.

The money was raised from the popcorn we sell through out the year in the store. Each child was given 3 tokens and told they could pick three people in their lives that they would like to buy a Christmas gift for. Then they were surprised by a visit to the Christmas tree to select a gift for themselves. The students were in awe of all the wonderful gifts. Tears were shed by the volunteers at the absolute delight and joy on their small faces as they made their selections. There were also many touching, heartfelt comments from the staff, students and teachers.

They were very interested in him and asked many questions. We hope they embrace the concept of pay it forward as Chase did!!!

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Please Call Asking Price: Please Call Stock Number: This unit offers triples slide for added interior space, a rear living layout, and a convenient kitchen island, plus optional king size bed! As you step inside notice how open the living space is with dual opposing slides. There is a free standing dinette and reclining theatre seating loveseat to the left with overhead cabinets above the chairs.

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Crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, experts say It may also ease stress, increase happiness by releasing neurotransmitter called dopamine Leisure activities such as reading and crafting may protect brain from aging, study finds via www. In a sense I abandoned myself, because my self was in a weird downward spiral.

When you can’t pull up out of a gnarly place, sometimes it’s better to not pay attention to your own thought processes. Knitting got me through the last 18 months, which featured abrupt changes of fortune and emotional lows. Recent neurological research shows that creating something – anything – interrupts negative emotional loops that can keep us stuck.

Knitting helped me release stress and I’m certain that it prevented me from crashing into depression. I didn’t quite have the heart for woodworking, welding or more challenging hobbies. But the soft, cozy yarn and the quiet click of my needles seemed to be the perfect tonic. The CNN article above documents how others have experienced emotional healing through crafting.

Maybe you’d like to share your own experience in the comments below. Or maybe just read the article and take comfort in knowing that there’s an inexpensive, gentle solution waiting for you if you’re in a dark time. One pair of more than 40 sets of socks I’ve knitted in the last year Posted at Crocheting bird feeders out of pound test fishing line is satisfying and productive.

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Anyone care to venture an opinion? Adding a trap to control air intake John Klingel is among those who wonders whether a trap could be installed in the incoming air duct in those cases where the stove is set up to use proximity air. Klingel passes along a link to a trap design from the City of Fairbanks, Alaska. Is his logic flawed? A hole is a hole.

Boats for sale! Find a local canoe, kayak, motorboat, seadoo, or other watercraft in Saskatoon on Kijiji, Canada’s #1 Local Classifieds.

Our friends at Trusted Marketing Services were up for the task of building us a new website, and we’re thrilled with the outcome. Friendly and Helpful Staff! Very impressed with Bridge City Duct Cleaning! They explained the importance of dryer vent cleaning and cleaning your furnace and ducts regularly and did an amazing job. Friendly and helpful staff! I would definitely recommend them! We are very impressed with the job they did and their knowledge and suggestions.

We can feel the difference after just 24 hours. Bridge City knows what they are talking about. They take the time to explain everything before they start and left the furnace room looking cleaner than when they arrived.

Liberal government to boost Canada child benefit payments: sources

By the rail line reached the mine. The town grew considerably during the s as farmers, who were impoverished by the Great Depression , abandoned their farms and came to work at the mines. The municipality was incorporated on January 1, , and in , the community reached city status. The city has continued to be a mining centre with the development of several mines adding to its industrial base, although its population has been in decline.

With a scenic setting and a number of nearby lakes, Flin Flon has also become a moderately popular tourist destination. The town is named after the fictional character Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin Origin of the name[ edit ] The town’s name is taken from the lead character in a paperback novel, The Sunless City by J.

For more than a year, the complex overhaul of Alberta’s electricity market has quietly chugged along below the radar now, amid growing concerns the system’s design could.

In this chapter, you will learn why Disney is one of the best deceptions of the Illuminati. This author has read a good portion of what is available to the public concerning Disney. They feed their children a steady diet of occultism and witchcraft because they have been programmed to think of Disney as wholesomeness and everything that is good about America.

But someone needs to speak on behalf of the victims. There are numerous Illuminati homes, restaurants, wineries and other institutions that are today carrying out the same type of strict standards upon their employees that Walt Disney Studios maintained. While Hollywood was immersed in moral filth from the start, Walt Disney Studios had strict standards. If a man looked lecherously at a woman at Walt Disney Studios he risked being instantly fired. Walt was a shining example of the strictest legalism.

Walt would not allow his male employees to have any facial hair, even though he himself sported a moustache. He never allowed employees to have alcohol at the studios, which might not be a noteworthy standard except that Walt himself drank heavy amounts of alcohol in his private office at work for decades. Initially, Walt was very reluctant to have his young artists, who were being trained by Don Graham, draw live nude models, but reluctantly gave approval.

Again the motive was not to serve God, but to make sure the Disney reputation remained untarnished. With the power of the establishment media behind Disney, Walt had nothing to worry about, news about the nude drawing classes and their detailed drawings never reached the light of day. Walt obsessively washed his hands several times an hour, every hour.

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