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Here are some highlights. Getting into wrestling right after high school: Oh, I want to look great on TV and that sort of thing. Oil I guess makes you leaner, more vascular or whatever. It was so much fun. I just had such a good time.

12 WWE couples who are/were together in real life

Jon Ledford JonLedford Sam Jackson darwinaward44 It’s a land of suplexes, slams, Superkicks, and scripted promos, but is wrestling “real? Even if every superstar gets formal training to learn how to hit the mat properly, pull their punches, and support the guy lifting them up for a suplex, there are still all kinds of crazy events and occurrences that can happen throughout the life of a professional wrestler.

We’ve assembled the ultimate Survivor Series team of myths people actually believe, so we could try to shine some light on these weird and bizarre rumors from behind the curtain. Wrestling is ‘fake’ We’ll address the elephant in the room when it comes to myths about professional wrestling. It depends on what you mean. Wrestlers have lost teeth , broken bones , and even died in the ring for the sake of putting on a performance for the fans.

Pro wrestlers are rarely ever home. It’s almost impossible for a wrestler to have a normal relationship with someone who’s not in the business. That’s exactly the reason why so many professional wrestlers end up dating each other.

But as any hardcore fan will tell you, the craziest stuff occurs backstage, after the show is over. The Curse and Redemption of the Von Erichs: Papa Fritz Von Erich had six boys. One died at the age of six by electrocution and drowning. Third son David was rising to the top when he died of acute enteritis while touring Japan.

Three sons—Mike, Kerry and Chris—all died by their own hand. That leaves Kevin, who moved to Hawaii with his family and is somehow the least bitter person alive. See his 30 for 30 episode if you ever want inspiration.

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Luchador Rey Mysterio Luchadores are traditionally divided into two categories, rudos lit. For instance, a luchador who has lost a wager match would prefer to endure the humiliation of being unmasked or having his head shaved rather than live with the shame that would come from not honoring his bet. Parejas increibles highlight the conflict between a luchador’s desire to win and his contempt for his partner.

It is argued that the gimmick has recently attained a more flamboyant outlook.

Jan 09,  · Best Answer: It is both. Firstly the real part. When a wrestler is body slammed or hit, that is real. When he is hit by a chair or is tossed out of the ring, that is real. There are techniques that wrestlers use to protect each other, but it is real. What is fake is the match itself. This is all scripted Status: Resolved.

He’s viewed as fake and not a legit fighter because of his association with an industry that scripts match outcomes and features midgets. Wrestlers took offense to the notion that “real fight” fans look down on pro wrestlers, with Lesnar proving the toughness of anyone who spent time in WWE or pro wrestling in general. Also, just because match outcomes are pre-determined and they pull their punches, doesn’t mean they would run away from a fight in a bar. Wrestlers often say “this isn’t ballet” to defend their decision to work hurt and not take a night off for even the most serious of injuries.

Announcers are produced to say other pro athletes would be sidelined and cry about lesser injuries, like a hangnail or chipped tooth. Frustration over the general misconceptions of the toughness of pro wrestlers was expressed over the weekend. That frustration was also released when Lesnar defeated Mir.

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According to Jason Sensation, he Shooter, Danielson , London and Kendrick formed a “second generation kliq” in hopes of duplicating the success of the former. It’s possible he was joking, but they do seem to be pretty close and the latter three have had intertwined careers. Puppet Shows The Muppets , especially in the movies: It’s about singing and dancing and making people happy. That’s the kinda dream that gets better the more people you share it with.

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Killer Kowalski Previous Gimmicks: Misty Blue Simms Finishing Move: The Superfly Favorite Moves: Slingshot Suplex Notable Feuds: She frequently defended the NWA U. Many of the matches between Dallas and Simmes ended with the two battling each other with Dallas’ kendo stick. She also frequently partnered with Heidi Lee Morgan and Zulu in tag-team matches. She also briefly feuded with Jim Cornette. During a televised interview on TBS, Simmes requested that Cornette help train her only to lure him into the ring and nail him with a drop kick.

When the Midnight Express hit the ring, Dusty Rhodes appeared to even the sides. Misty feuded with Monster Ripper in Puerto Rico where she was completely dominated by her much larger and more powerful opponent. Unfortunately, there seems to be no video or pictures of this brutal feud. When the NWA phased out the women’s division in late , Simmes wrestled on the independent circuit and eventually joined the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association.

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Wrestling is something we love to do – and it’s even better that we can do it together. We’re together all the time so we know each other inside out. The girls have enjoyed a stint as world champions and have a fearsome reputation in the wrestling world Feminine: The twins say they’re girly girls and arrive in the ring armed with cupcakes for the audience Huge:

They murdered each other every night and it was unlike any wrestling conflict I have ever seen. Sawyer is one of the best wrestlers I saw, he could do a great match with a huge man like Crusher Jerry Blackwell or a ring scientist like Arn Anderson.

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Random Article Blend It’s been a rough year for former WWE talent , and this past weekend was a slobberknocker, as it were, with three separate squared circle stars dying in unrelated incidents. Brian Christopher “Grandmaster Sexay” Lawler, Nikolai Volkoff, and Brickhouse Brown all lost their lives, with each reported death happening on the same day. The news rocked the wrestling world, as fans from different generations were shocked and saddened by the deaths of these beloved superstars.

Nikolai Volkoff reportedly passed away at his Maryland home at the age of 70, following a brief hospital stay.

Miz and Maryse were married in February Miz is a wrestler that has held every major belt in the WWE and even headlined WrestleMania .

The major events of a match are planned and discussed beforehand, and so is the outcome. Some major events are definitely planned; for instance, someone might interfere in a match just as the bad guy, or “heel” is about to lose. By an anonymous user of Quora Things that are predetermined or fake: The match duration, main moves, finishing moves and outcome are predetermined.

The duration of the match is also predetermined, and the time is kept by the referee. If you time the matches on, say, WWE, you might notice that there are, broadly, 5-, , and minute matches. The referee is not just a neutral bystander. The referee keeps track of time and tells wrestlers when to wrap up a match. He also helps communicate things between wrestlers and assists in the overall story by “accidentally” getting bumped into during the course of a match, so that the bad guy or “heel” can cheat.

Sometimes, when a wrestler wants things to get a bit bloody, the referee may slip a razor to him to cut himself and collect it back later. At the same time, the referee needs to keep within the illusion of rulekeeping disqualifications, count-outs, pinfalls. Lastly, the referee has the full discretion to stop a match if one of the wrestlers is seriously injured, and he has to balance this discretion with the show’s need to follow the scripted narrative.

10 Cases of Real Life Hatred in Professional Wrestling